Primary Exams

ACEM Primary Exam


Welcome everyone to a revamped Primary Exam initiative for Emergencypedia. The new version of this website will hope to tie into a face to face interactive initiative which has been running at Westmead Hospital for the last 18 months. The new structure of this website will include:

– Online lectures covering core content

– Audio casts covering deep dives into key topics

– MCQs with answers to be updated every 6 months.

– Information on face to face sessions as well as anatomy tutorials run by our trained staff with models

Please see below for the current timetable – all sessions are open access and all occur in Westmead Hospital WECC building

– contact or 0419798902 for further information regarding accessing sessions in person

– we will endeavour to stream most sessions on youtube live

PRIMARY EXAM TUTORIAL DATES – all tutorials are in the ED tutorial room at Westmead Hospital

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 12.40.09 pm

Primary Exam Notes – Week 1 and 2

Physiology lecture 1 – Principles of Cellular Function
Physiology lecture 1 – Principles of Cellular Function part 2

Physiology lecture 3 – Action Potentials


Primary Exam Notes – Week 3 

Pharmacology lecture 1 – Anticoagulants
Pharmacology lecture 2 – Antibiotics part 1
Pharmacology lecture 3 – Antibiotics Part 2
Physiology lecture 1 – Haemostasis
Physiology lecture 2 – The Immune System


Primary Exam Notes – Week 4 

Physiology lecture 2 – cardio physiology part 2
Physiology lecture 2 – cardio physiology part 2 
Pharmacology – anti arrhythmic agents 
Pharmacology – anti anginal agents 


Primary Exam Notes – Week 5

Physiology – Vascular Physiology 
Physiology – Environmental effects of circulation 
Physiology – Regional blood flow 
Pharmacology – Diuretics 
Pharmacology – Anti-inflammatory agents


Primary Exam Notes – Week 6

Physiology – Respiratory part 2 
Physiology – Respiratory part 1
Physiology – Respiratory part 3 
Pharmacology – Respiratory agents
Pharmacology – Anaesthetic agents 
Pharmacology – Opiate agents 


Primary Exam Notes – Week 7

Physiology – Renal part 1 
Physiology – Renal part 2 
Physiology – Renal part 3
Pharmacology -Hypoglycemic agents 
Pharmacology – Diuretic agents 
Pharmacology – Steroids and thyroids medications 


Primary Exam Notes – Week 8

Physiology – GIT physiology 
Physiology – GIT physiology part 2
Physiology – Calcium homeostasis
Physiology – Adrenal and Pituitary physiology 
Pharmacology – Toxicology
Pharmacology – Psychotropic agents
Pharmacology – seizures and anti epileptics 

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