Primary Exams

ACEM Primary Exam


Welcome everyone to a revamped Primary Exam initiative for Emergencypedia. The new version of this website will hope to tie into a face to face interactive initiative which has been running at Westmead Hospital for the last 18 months. The new structure of this website will include:

– Online lectures covering core content

– Audio casts covering deep dives into key topics

– MCQs with answers to be updated every 6 months.

– Information on face to face sessions as well as anatomy tutorials run by our trained staff with models

Please see below for the current timetable – all sessions are open access and all occur in Westmead Hospital WECC building

– contact or 0419798902 for further information regarding accessing sessions in person

– we will endeavour to stream most sessions on youtube live


Exam dates Application open Application close
Friday 3rd of August 2018 1st June 2018 29 June 2018
Friday 17th May 2019 25th February 2019 22nd March 2019
Friday 15th November 2019 26th August 2019 20th September 2019



Date Topic covered Location
May 15th  Respiratory, Anaesthetics, Analgesics, IV fluids  Westmead Hospital
June 19th Renal, Antieplieptics, Diuretics Westmead Hospital WECC building
June 26th GI and endocrine, Antibiotics and GI and Endocrine pharmacology Westmead Hospital WECC building
July 12th

Anatomy session – VIVA focus

Upper limb, lower limb Westmead Hospital WECC building
August 31st

Anatomy session – VIVA focus

Abdomen, thorax, head and neck Westmead Hospital WECC building

Primary Exam Notes – Week 1 

Physiology lecture 1 – Principles of Cellular Function
Physiology lecture 1 – Principles of Cellular Function part 2

Physiology lecture 3 – Action Potentials


Primary Exam Notes – Week 2 

Physiology lecture 2 – cardio physiology part 2
Physiology lecture 2 – cardio physiology part 2 
Pharmacology – anti arrhythmic agents 
Pharmacology – anti anginal agents 

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