Emergency Medicine Training

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Network  Five Affiliated Websites:









About this Network

  • The Emergency Medicine Training Networks were  established  in 2009 to facilitate high quality patient care and provide access to high quality education and training for trainees.
  • These Networks are based in New South Wales (NSW), establishing co-operation between affiliated “sister” training hospitals.
  • The Emergency Medicine State Training Council (EMSTC) provides oversight of the network training program in NSW.

Specific functions of training networks include:

  • Ensuring that all trainees in the network have equitable access to learning opportunities – both formal and informal.
  • Ensuring that all trainees are supervised and supported by more senior staff at a level consistent with their skills and experience.
  • The development and maintenance of a network training program that addresses College training requirements.
  • Development and implementation of local training policies that are relevant to training such as an orientation programme, clinical skills training and review, appropriate rostering and access to supervision, clinical handovers, formal and informal feedback and assessment of trainees (consistent with college training guidelines where applicable)
  • Oversight of allocation of training rotations to optimise the delivery of postgraduate training at the sites within the network.
  • Monitoring and reporting on indicators of training quality and outcome e.g. Recruitment and workforce data, trainee term evaluations, College exam result.
  • Evaluation of each training rotation by trainees.

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Educational Extravaganzas

We run the amazing Emergency Medicine themed ‘FEAST Day‘ 4 times a year.  It’s an all day blitz of emergency education goodness brought to you by the Network 5 team!

The Network Five Team

Dr Kavita Varshney FACEM NDoT (Network Director of Training)

CD177 (2)       Phone: 0416154076

Email: kavitavarshney@hotmail.com

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Dr Satish Mitter FACEM Co-NDoT (Co-Network Director of Training)


Mobile: 041211465  

Email: satishmitter@optusnet.com.au

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Shanthi Kandasamy – Acting ESO (Education Support Officer)

Phone: (02) 8890 4884   


Email: shanthi.kandasamy@health.nsw.gov.au

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Upcoming Educational Events

 NDot calender 2016

Schedule for 2016:

31st August 2016 – Cardiology

Westmead PGMEC Level 3 for morning presentations followed

by WECC level 2 for the afternoon AORTA workshops

Check it out!!!

Cardiology FEAST Day 31.08.2016

FEAST Day Cardiology 31st August 2016 Response flyer

AORTA Workshop agenda

26th October 2016  – Paediatrics

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Exam Revision Days for Trainees

2016 Primary Exam Sessions – @ Blacktown Clinical School Level 3 Rooms 5 -12

Exam 2:  Trial Primary VIVA

Date:  25th August 2016

Time: 9.30 am  – 4.00 pm

Trial Primary VIVA poster 25.08.2016

2016 Fellowship Exam Sessions – Venue: @ Blacktown Clinical School SIM Centre

Exam 2:  Trial Fellowship OSCE

Date:  20th October 2016

Time: 8:00 – 16:00 pm

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Network 5 Hospitals

Auburn Hospital


Mt Druitt Hospital

Children’s Hospital, Westmead

Nepean Hospital

Orange Base Hospital

Tweed Hospital

Westmead Hospital

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Previous ‘FEAST’ Day Sessions

Radiology in Emergency” FEAST Day and AORTA workshops

Dr James Nol  –  RADIOBIOLOGY FACTS Your right to know 2016 Westmead

Dr Rob Edwards – FEAST lecture 1


“Legal Issues and Risk Management”  and  AORTA  workshops                             

16th March 2016 

Dr Kavita Varshney     – Between A Rock and A Hard Place Kavita Varshney

 Melanie Shea and Rebecca Vink  –  Mental Health presentation – final

 Dr Margaret Daley   –   Risk Education Essentials and Death the Final Complicaton MIPS Westmead 2016

Mental Health ACT -MOH   –   Mental Health Act presentation handout2

Ministry of Health    –  Mental Health Act presentation handout2capacity_toolkit0609

Thankyou to the dedicated AORTA Workshops staff    –  AORTA


Thankyou to MIPS for sponsoring our Legal Issues and Risk Management FEAST Day event

Trauma 2015


Dr Andrew Coggins –   Neck Trauma

Dr Richard McNulty – Chest Trauma

Dr Mary Ibrahim – Trauma in Pregnancy

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Michaela Blasina from Alere supported Network Five by contributing towards the Staff Specialist and Registrar lunch and held a demonstration throughout lunch with the  “Rapid Solutions at the Point of Care systems

Astra Zeneca – Melanie Foulds

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Upcoming Governance Committee Meeting 

              1) Thursday 25th August 2016  8.00 – 9.30 am  Blacktown Clinical School   

      2) Thursday 14th November 2016 1.30 -3.30 pm HR Boardroom @ Wirrabilla 


Event – NSWMET 2016

“A collaboration between medical education and training providers in NSW”

  • Sharing training skills and knowledge and exploring innovation and new technologies, the forum will build on improvements to healthcare across NSW.
  • The Forum will engage stakeholders from across the continuum of medical education, those involved in undergraduate training, prevocational training and vocational training, with an aim of improved coordination and integration of curriculum to ensure a medical workforce that provides person centered evidence based care.
  • The growth in the number of medical graduates presents all those involved in medical education with increased opportunities for collaboration and synergies and the ability to further promote a culture of life-long learning.

Date of this Event:

Thursday 11 to Friday 12 August 2016


SMC Function and Conference Centre, Goulburn St


Toni Vial, Senior Program Coordinator
(02) 9844 6519(02) 9844 6519 | Toni.Vial@health.nsw.gov.au

Alexandra (Lex) Hernandez, Project Officer
(02) 9844 6549(02) 9844 6549Alexandra.Hernandez@health.nsw.gov.au 

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