Paediatric Pearls

Paediatric Emergency Pearls

Don’t Forget the Bubbles

Paediatric Entertainment 1:1000
Paediatric Entertainment Solution (1:1000)

Acute gastroenteritis in childhood

Acute paracetamol overdose

Afebrile fits

Apparently drunk child

Asthma in childhood


Button battery ingestion

Cervical spine injury – children

Constipation in childhood


Distal Forearm Buckle Fractures in Children

Febrile convulsions

Fever in young children

Gastroenteritis in children

Gastrointestinal bleeding

Head injury 1

Head Injury 2

Head injury 3

Jaundice in the newborn

Limping child without trauma

Nasal diamorphine for children

Paracetamol poisoning (aged >1 month and <16 years old)

Procedural sedation for paediatric patients using Ketamine

Spinal cord injuries – advice for development of joint protocols

Spinal Cord Injuries – London Spinal Cord Injury Centre Referral Pathway for Children

Staggered paracetamol overdose

Swallowed foreign bodies

The limping child

UTI in childhood


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