‘Ace the OSCE’ Course


Current Course (July 2019) Sign up Link – https://bit.ly/2L6FgaA 

Future Courses – Click Here

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Are you a maybe? – express interest here:

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Registration Process

  • Limited places – This is NOT a sales pitch… There are (a maximum of) 12 slots on each course. Of the 10 previous courses, each one was sold out.
  • Currently the upcoming course is on the 15th and 16th of January 2018
  • Rego for course should be completed @ the EVENTBRITE Website (open shortly):

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Course Overview, Costs and Ethos

  • Main teaching activities will include coaching ideas, OSCE stations (including communication and the new SCBDs) and simulations
  • As well as a “formal” trial exam component, there is scope on this small group course for taking a deep dive into your current approach to revision and for there is room specific individual coaching for challenging stations…

(For more information about the ins and outs of the course – Click Here)

  • The Nitty Gritty:
    • The cost is $750 dollars/person**
      • ** Our faculty is a ‘not for profit’ group and support ‘Free Open Access Medical Education’.  Any excess funds are pooled back into registrar and student educational resources…
  • Resources:
    • For your reference, we do provide a two sample simulations (available in the course manual and the resources page) and an exhaustive list of important topics for the OSCE exam when you attend the course
    • The course general resources are shared online for use both before and after the course.  These can be used and shared by you freely.  However, it should be noted we do not share copies of all our original simulation and OSCE stations.
  • On the day:
    • Wear what you would wear to the OSCE (i.e. scrubs or comfortable attire)
    • If you are travelling from the airport allow around an hour to reach to venue by train (including the short walk from the station)

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What questions do you have?

  • If you have further questions do not hesitate to contact the course co-director Dr Andrew Coggins (andrewrcoggins@gmail.com)
  • Alternatively send an e-mail to (acetheosce@gmail.com)
  • Apply for the course or register your interest in next year’s courses by filling out a registration form above.


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