‘Ace the OSCE’ Course


Current Courses (9/2/2023) – LOOK AT TICKETS

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Registration Process

Limited places 

There are (a maximum of) 20 slots on each course.

Of the 21 previous courses, each one was sold out.

Next available course will be in August 2022 (12th), Late 2022 (TBA) and Early 2023 (TBA)

Rego for courses is completed on the EVENTBRITE Website (link above)

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Candidate Feedback

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Course Overview, Costs and Ethos

  • Main teaching activities will include coaching ideas, OSCE stations (including communication and the new SCBDs) and simulations
  • As well as a “formal” trial exam component, there is scope on this small group course for taking a deep dive into your current approach to revision and for there is room specific individual coaching for challenging stations…

For more information about the ins and outs of the course – Click Here

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Questions about the course?

Send an e-mail to (acetheosce@gmail.com) or text 0419862102

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