‘Ace the OSCE’ Registration

Course Overview

Main teaching activities will include trial OSCEs/Sims and coaching for deliberate practice.   For more information about the ins and outs of the course – click here.

As of 2017 unfortunately our March, April and June courses were all full with a large waiting list (the maximum is only 12 people per course).

The course lists for October 2nd and 3rd are currently open for waiting list (both dates are currently full).

Apply for waiting list of register interest in next year’s courses by filling out a registration form above.

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Course Payment

  • The standard course cost is 750 dollars per person (with a discounted rate of 500 dollars for the remainder of 2017)
  • There are strictly only 12 slots on each course
  • Payments (after confirmation of a place through acetheosce@gmail.com) should be completed at the Westmead Medical Research Foundation Website. Details will be send for how to pay once you are offered a place…
After payment a tax receipt will be generated. Any issues or questions should be sent to acetheosce@gmail.com.
The faculty is a ‘not for profit’ group and support ‘Free Open Access Medical Education’
The course resources are shared online for use before and after the course and can be used by you freely.

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Course Faculty

Faculty and oversight of the course will include FACEMs, examiners and candidates who have recently passed the OSCE Exam.

The faculty (which overall outnumbers participants 2:1) will try to look after you on the day by providing refreshments and several breaks. We will be accessible for chats about anything on your mind during and after the course.

We want to improve this course and our teaching methods. To this end, we invite your to feedback about your experience of course either given in person, in writing or via the survey monkey pre-course and post-course surveys.

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As a disclaimer, we cannot guarantee to have the same opinion as your future OSCE examiner(s) but will give feedback based on our experience in simulation and education.

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Debriefing and Feedback

Debriefs will use either the ‘GAS (gather/analyse/summarise) or ‘PEARLS’ approach and video feedback will be used. The faculty’s aim will be to provide systematic, specific quality feedback. They will not be seeking to ‘impart knowledge’ or ‘fix’ you as the learner.

To ensure ‘high quality’ our facilitators will be pre-briefed, use cognitive aids and also be receiving feedback  themselves on the feedback and debriefing they provide.

Free OSCE Debriefing Template – CLICK HERE

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Assumed Knowledge

This course will assume knowledge of the latest teaching in advanced life support, clinical guidelines and the management of common emergencies.  Therefore, the focus on the days (and of the pre-course materials) will be on performance, non-technical skills and fine tuning rather than lecturing on specific areas of ‘medical expertise


Before attending the course

  • Watch Dr Cliff Reid: ‘Making Things Happen
  • Watch Dr Amy Cuddy ‘TED talk
  • Briefly read through the short pre-course manual – CLICK HERE
  • Complete a survey monkey short questionnaire (sent on confirmation of place)

On the day

  • Wear what you would wear to the OSCE? (i.e. scrubs or other comfortable attire)

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If you have further questions do not hesitate to contact the course director Dr Khanh Nguyen (kngu8102@hotmail.com) or our course e-mail (acetheosce@gmail.com

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