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Dr Andrew Coggins – Emergency Physician


#FOAMed Nerd

Graduated from The University of Edinburgh in 2005.  Interests include trauma, crisis resource management, in-situ simulation and innovation in medical education

Fears include Sharks and Jenga


Associate Editor 

Dr David (Toby) Thomas – Emergency Physician


Ultrasound and ECG Nutter

Born 1880

Graduated from The University of Hard Knocks in 1903

Fears – Cars and Central Lines

Dr David Thomas

Website and Informatics Support

Kyi Thant – Medical Student

Like: Patients, IT, Cooking, Creating arts, RPGs and Cookies
Hate: Long Cases and Murphy’s law

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This site was started on a whim by staff at Westmead Hospital in Sydney.


It is used by and contributed to by health care practitioners around the world.  Some of the content is spun in a Australasian manner but should be relevant to clinical practice in all corners of the globe.  We sincerely hope you find something useful on our site.  Thanks for reading the blog and posting your comments.



We have outlined our identity and disclaimers below:

NB – We receive no money from companies and do not endorse ‘products’ or advertising

  • This website aims to be compliant with local Social Media Policy:
  • Any opinion expressed is that of the Authors’ and not to Western Sydney Local Area Health.
  • Intended Audience – Trained Healthcare Professionals and Students
  • If we have accidentally breached any policy (or ethical code) please contact us immediately so we can rectify the problem.
  • The contents of this site are produced from the author’s knowledge, experience and skills.
  • The notes are written for personal use and being shared here in keeping with the spirit of the FOAM movement.
  • Emergency medicine knowledge is dynamic and rapidly expanding. As such, there may be inadvertent errors or out-dated information which we are keen to know about.
  • Use of the content found within the website should be considered in the context of individual patient requirements and local resource setting. Applicability of the information should be based on expert, professional judgement
  • The authors do not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the use/application or resulting outcomes thereof the information contained in this website.
  • Our site links the user to various emergency medicine websites and we recommend viewer discretion as we cannot account for the content of each individual website.
  • Please contact the authors if you feel any changes need to be made to the site.

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5 thoughts on “EmergencyPedia

  1. Dear Andrew
    Some of our well meaning colleagues have questioned our Method of education back home as a possible reason for our high failure rate.
    If the method of our education was so different to Medical education in Australia then how come Drs from same education system are so successful in other specialtiy exams For Example ICU, Anaesthetics, orthopaedics,plastic surgery Physicians, gynaecology etc etc.
    These are the specialities which are much sought after compared to ED.
    All of my colleagues who started with me in other specialties from same education system are now consultants for at least last 4-5 years.
    I am yet to meet someone from my country who has not passed their speciality exam apart from ED.
    I will wait to hear your thoughts.

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