Emergency Anaesthesia

Emergency Anaesthesia and Airway Management

Airway Management

Basic Airway Training in Emergency Medicine

The link below shoots to HETI’s collection of Core Revision materials on Airway Management.  These are a useful Resource for obtaining new skills, exam revision and continuing education post fellowship.  The following talks are created by Dr John Kennedy FACEM and Dr Alan Giles FACEM:

Airway Management

Procedural Sedation

The ‘Resuscitation Practitioner’ must be skilled and confident in managing all time critical situations including a variety of Airway Emergencies.  Skills required include both technical ability and crisis resource management.  An understanding of the basis of critical decision  making and cognitive biases is essential:

FACEM Exam – Airway Crisis Notes

The Trauma Airway

The Obstetric Airway

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 12.26.02 AM

Airway Workshop

Our team recently conducted an Emergency Airway Management workshop.  Here is a link to the materials:

EmergencyPedia Airway Workshop

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Airway Audit

Audit is an essential part of a better understanding of airway pitfalls and improving quality through maximising the chance of first pass success.  Here is the Airway Management Audit form for New South Wales:

PDF – ANZEDA Registry Form

Airway B Airway A

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Airway Checklists

An intubation ‘checklist‘ has become a mainstay of our Airway management approach in the last 3 years.

There are of course pros and cons to any new approach to a clinical procedure but there are a number of clear advantages of using a checklist for critical procedures such as intubation outlined by Tim Leeuwenburg:

  • Reduced task fixation
  • Improvement situational awareness
  • Reduced cognitive overload
  • Reduced stress
  • Defined team member roles
  • Improved team function
  • Improved team communication
  • Team understanding of potential complications and what they will be expected to do
  • High-stakes procedures such as RSI are smoother and quicker when well practiced at using a checklist

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Westmead Airway Checklist

Westmead Airway

PDF –  Westmead Airway

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EMCRIT Checklist

EMCRIT Airway Checklist

Australian ED Checklist


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HEMS Checklist


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Emergency Preparation Checklist

P.A.E.D.S.Checklist after Notification of a Medical Emergency
P.A.E.D.S.Checklist after Notification of a Medical Emergency

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