ALS-SimVR – Life Support Team Training APP

Virtual Reality (VR)

THE Advanced Life Support APP

ALS-SimVR is a Virtual Reality based Advanced Life Support leader training application. It is being developed locally in Sydney Australia by a team from WSLHD, The University of Sydney and Frameless Interactive being lead by Lead for Digital Innovation for WSLHD Mr Nathan Moore.

The VR application is built for the untethered Oculus Quest 2 headset – this allows a clinician to take the headset home and practice managing a patient in a cardiac arrest in the location and time of their choosing.

They do this by directing a virtual team in all the tasks required of a team managing a patient in this state.

Rhythm interpretation, drug doses, pathology results, ABG results are all randomised to increase replicability for the user. Key skills of ALS management are also available as skills trainers within the application including handover practice, defibrillation, cardioversion and pacing and more in development.

A blood gas is embedded in the ‘game play’ of the APP

The application has won several awards and received funding from a variety of setting. ALS-SimVR is almost ready for widespread deployment and is currently being trialled in hospitals around Sydney.

Check out the website for further information and let us know if you would like to be involved.

Want to see more click here – the link to our website:, or contact us to have a “Play” if you are at Westmead

Use of Cognitive Aids is encouraged, thought the APP has scope to be used for ASSESSMENT as well as LEARNING

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