Westmead Hospital

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Description of Westmead Adult Hospital

Westmead adult hospital is a tertiary referral centre in western Sydney and is part of the largest hospital complexes in the southern hemisphere.

With over 800 beds, it is a level 1 trauma centre and provides expertise in all fields of medical care, serving a population of over 1.5 million people.

Westmead is also a major teaching hospital of the University of Sydney and is a great place to work and train in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care due to the interesting case mix.

Westmead Emergency is one of the busiest Emergency Departments in Australia with an annual case census of over 79,000 adult presentations in 2016.


Simulated Learning Environment for Clinical Training (SiLECT)

SiLECT is responsible for coordinating simulation clinical training at Westmead.  SiLECT started in late 2011 and has been developed with the assistance of Health Workforce Australia and the Senior Medical Staff.

The aim of SiLECT is to enhance individual trainees and students clinical training by deleivering courses based on Simulation.

Ultimately we believe that this training will lead to improvements in clinical knowledge, communication and teamwork which will improve the safety of patient care Westmead Hospital.


SiLECT Sim Room 1
SiLECT Sim Room 1
Moulage for Trauma
Moulage for Trauma
The Basic SiLECT Assumption
The Basic SiLECT Assumption

Contact wpmec@swahs.health.nsw.gov.au  for more information on SiLECT Programs


Emergency Medicine Research Unit (EMRU)

EMRU is responsible for coordinating ‘academic life‘ at Westmead Hospital’s Emergency Department including research, journal clubs, teaching and quality improvement projects.

EMRU also produces a monthly research newsletter reviewing the latest key evidence based articles relevant to Emergency Medicine practice in Australia.


The latest editions of “Precis” (EMRU’s newsletter) are downloadable below:

Westmead Hospital - Marked "A"
Location of Westmead Hospital – Marked “A”


Are you interested in Working or Studying at Westmead Adult Hospital?

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Elective Student Orientation Guide


Overview of Adult Emergency Staff:

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5 thoughts on “Westmead Hospital

  1. Very rude staff. Not introducing themselves to patients or parents. I took my child to the paediatric emergency via ambulance this afternoon after food anaphylactic reaction.first visit to this hospital. Very disappointed. We had a young male nurse who does not even tell us who is he what is his name etc. no body check on my son for quiet sometime before I decided to go and ask for self discharge. You should teach your staff how to communicate with patients and parents/carers

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