JMO Induction Page – Westmead Emergency

Welcome to your new ED term at Westmead Emergency Department. Here are our updated resources for Resident and Intern inductions in the ED:

ED Quick Referral Pathway Cards

  1. Rapid Access Pathways (saves tonnes of time and evidence based):

Journal Paper Reference – CLICK HERE

2. Role allocation and Drug Card:

ED inductions sims:

  • Simulation Handout – case 1 (Hypotension/Anaphylaxis):
  • Simulation Handout – case 2 (BLS/ALS)

Q Stream Instructions

Our team of registrars and consultants have created an online learning platform, especially pertinent for everyday learning in a post-pandemic world.

You can get the app (see below) on your phone or have emailed cases weekly. The cases are based on those that you should know and might miss due to variability in rostering at daily teaching.

The Q-stream ED course is open all the time for you. Please consider it optional but strongly recommended in view of the challenges with delivering face to face teaching under COVID-19.

Individual ED Courses