eCPR (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation CPR)

Westmead ECMO Introduction (RESET Study 2021)

Our team of ‘resuscitationists‘ are looking forward to joining the Australian based eCPR (ECMO) RESET observational study in 2021. We have refined our Emergency Department approach to ECMO and preset a 10 minute induction video to the eCPR process (intended to be followed by a simulation in the actual clinical environment) and various associated resources including team cards, simulations and maps.

We hope you find it useful and would welcome any feedback on glaring issues, or improvements for a future version(s). The intended audience for this content is anyone who will be in an eCPR team in Westmead ED (EDMO, EDRN, ICU, ECMO, Perfusion, Ambulance, CTX, Cardio, SW etc.) or others seeking similar resources.

Team eCPR Video

ED ECMO resources (Free Open Access)

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