Emergency Medicine Podcast – Retrieval

This thrilling episode is all about retrieval medicine – we will first discuss the impact of pre-hospital advanced airway management on the neurological outcomes in patients with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OOHCA). Then, we will dissect down the much dreaded (but potentially lifesaving!) scalpel cricothyroidotomy and, to finish, we will infuse ourselves into a discussion about pre-hospital administration of thawed plasma in patients at risk of haemorrhagic shock. This month’s interlude segments will be presented by retrieval specialists, Dr Ruby Hsu and Dr Ruth Parsell. … More Emergency Medicine Podcast – Retrieval

Emergency Medicine Podcast – Paediatrics

Listen Here: <a href="http://<iframe width="100%" height="180" frameborder="no" scrolling="no" seamless src="https://share.transistor.fm/e/cc05b100">CLICK HERE Episode 5 – Paediatrics | Network Five Emergency Medicine Journal Club This episode is all about the little humans – we first look at the reliability of a clinical prediction rule to identify febrile infants who are at low of serious bacterial infections. Then … More Emergency Medicine Podcast – Paediatrics

JMO Page – Westmead Emergency (updated Dec 2022)

Welcome to your new ED term at Westmead Emergency Department. Here are our resources for Resident and Intern inductions in the ED JMO Manual ED Quick Referral Pathway Cards 2. Role allocation and Drug Card: ED inductions sims: Core ED Practice Cases / Questions Our team of registrars and consultants have created a series of … More JMO Page – Westmead Emergency (updated Dec 2022)

Tribalism in Medicine

The Tribal Nature of Medicine Dr Victoria Brazil recently gave a Key Note speech at SMACC 2014. Talk: Entitled “Tribes and STEMI”, this (effortlessly excellent) talk, timed to perfection, discussed healthcare teams.  Dr Brazil outlined the concept that teams in healthcare can form “Tribes”. These functional healthcare tribes create powerful bonds with each other.  A good example of a bonded tribal team … More Tribalism in Medicine