JMO Induction Page – Westmead Emergency

Welcome to your new ED term at Westmead Emergency Department. Here are our updated resources for Resident and Intern inductions in the ED: ED Quick Referral Pathway Cards Rapid Access Pathways (saves tonnes of time and evidence based): 2. Role allocation and Drug Card: ED inductions sims: Simulation Handout – case 1 (Hypotension/Anaphylaxis): Simulation Handout … More JMO Induction Page – Westmead Emergency

Tribalism in Medicine

The Tribal Nature of Medicine Dr Victoria Brazil recently gave a Key Note speech at SMACC 2014. Talk: Entitled “Tribes and STEMI”, this (effortlessly excellent) talk, timed to perfection, discussed healthcare teams.  Dr Brazil outlined the concept that teams in healthcare can form “Tribes”. These functional healthcare tribes create powerful bonds with each other.  A good example of a bonded tribal team … More Tribalism in Medicine

Sgarbossa Criteria in Bundle Branch Blocks and Paced Rhythm

ECG Case Study Case Study – A 64 year old male with history of Coronary Artery Disease, Cardiac Stents and Pacemaker Insertion presents with chest pain whilst riding a bicycle.   His vitals are normal but he has ongoing Chest Pain and Sweating. He looks unwell from the end of the bed. The 12 lead … More Sgarbossa Criteria in Bundle Branch Blocks and Paced Rhythm