Pacing and Bradycardia Quick Summary

Bradycardia and Pacing SHOW NOTES Sinus bradycardia – 5 causes Fit Cold Drugs- β-blockers, CCBs, digoxin Sick-sinus syndrome Hypothyroidism Types of Heart block 1st degree Prolonged PR interval >0.2s 2nd degree Mobitz I (Wenkebach) Progressive PR prolongation until a beat is dropped Mobitz II PR interval is constant, dropped beat randomly 3rd degree (complete) Complete … More Pacing and Bradycardia Quick Summary


Abdominal Pain Case 5 ‘Severe epigastric pain’ Janice is a 55 year old female who presents to the Emergency Department (ED) with severe epigastric pain and three episodes of vomiting over the last twelve hours. On examination she is tachycardic, diaphoretic and appears to be in significant discomfort.  Which of the following listed is the … More ABDOMINAL PAIN CASE 5