JMO Induction Page – Westmead Emergency

Welcome to your new ED term at Westmead Emergency Department. Here are our updated resources for Resident and Intern inductions in the ED: ED Quick Referral Pathway Cards Rapid Access Pathways (saves tonnes of time and evidence based): 2. Role allocation and Drug Card: ED inductions sims: Simulation Handout – case 1 (Hypotension/Anaphylaxis): Simulation Handout … More JMO Induction Page – Westmead Emergency

Pacing and Bradycardia Quick Summary

Bradycardia and Pacing SHOW NOTES Sinus bradycardia – 5 causes Fit Cold Drugs- β-blockers, CCBs, digoxin Sick-sinus syndrome Hypothyroidism Types of Heart block 1st degree Prolonged PR interval >0.2s 2nd degree Mobitz I (Wenkebach) Progressive PR prolongation until a beat is dropped Mobitz II PR interval is constant, dropped beat randomly 3rd degree (complete) Complete … More Pacing and Bradycardia Quick Summary