How to get better at the things you care about?

Watch this Excellent Talk on Adult Learning

‘As senior healthcare workers we spend most time in the Performance Zone but we can only really improve what we do by getting back to the learning zone…’


Both Zones are important…

The key to improving ourselves is to move between zones:

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How do I “get in the learning zone”?

  • We must believe and understand that we can improve – have a growth mind set
  • We must want to improve (be motivation)
  • We must have a focus on how we are going to improve = deliberate practice
  • Must be low stakes – we must accept and be willing to make mistakes (applied to exam practice or clinical care this means that we must learn in an environment for learning in which we feel safe.

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Other Useful Take Homes from this Talk

  • Get a mentor at work (they can be like a safe island in a performance ocean)
  • ‘Perform your job’ but after take the time to reflect on what could be improved
  • Take a leadership role – share your mistakes with others for collective learning

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