The SMAART Course – Simulation and Mastery of Advanced Airway Resources and Techniques



On average a anaesthetic practitioner will be presented with a lost airway scenario every 6 years.

Being technically competent to use the advanced airway resources at your institution is only part of the puzzle you’ll need to address.

This course aims to cover essential concepts & technical training in advanced airway equipment and then go beyond this to focus on effectively utilising these skills in a time-critical, clinical environment.

2015 Dates

  • 22 August 2015 (one day course)
  • 23 August 2015 (one day course)


  • Westmead Hospital (SiLECT Simulation lab) – Sydney, Australia

Benefits and Cost

  • low student:instructor ratio—limited places!
  • fibreoptic airway training and testing
  • familiarisation with using advanced airway devices
  • instruction on percutaneous emergency oxygenation techniques
  • simulated crisis management in airway emergencies
  • full-day coursework, $900

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More Details

Airway management is a cornerstone of our practice. The importance of maintaining and broadening our airway skills is easily evidenced by the number of airway courses available today.

From the senior practitioner to the trainee, establishing an airway becomes an automatic, almost subconscious process due to the repetitive nature of the task.

Experience begets familiarity with a diversity of airway challenges, and the hope is that en-route to gaining this experience, your patients are kept safe along the way.

This course aims to offer a concrete way of establishing this experience by encapsulating the core concepts found in most airway courses, and then go further by focusing on the clinical application of these skills.

A key component of this course involves going beyond just airway management, and emphasises the time-critical aspect of the patient attached to the airway you’re attempting to manage.

Throughout this day-long coures, you will receive tailored instruction on multiple airway devices. Your instructor will work with you to practise utilising them in a variety of common airway challenges.

Several sessions are dedicated to optimising your fibreoptic technique and stress testing it.

We will work with you to cover current guidelines and concepts of surgical airway management, including hands-on practice in different conditions.

Most importantly, we will take the skills from these sessions and practice them in time-critical clinical simulations, emphasising going beyond “how” to apply these skills, to focus on “when” to apply them. We aim to reinforce understanding “trigger points” that will help you identify and progress through CICO situations.

At the end of the day we also provide customised advice on ways to improve the resources at your institution or practice for dealing with advanced airway management and airway crises.