Basic Presentation Skills for Medical Students

Case Presenting You are asked to briefly present the patient case you have just see on the ward round. The consultant insists that you start with a concise summary of the patient’s care. Presenting cases is both nerve inducing and challenging – but we have to start some where. A snappy opening statement and summary not … More Basic Presentation Skills for Medical Students

Collapse and Syncope

SYNCOPE PDF HANDOUT – CLICK HERE Syncope in the Emergency Department (ED) Introduction Syncope is common accounting for about 1 in 50 of Emergency Department (ED) presentations.  It is recurrent in 30% of patients and is characterised by a ‘Brief loss of consciousness that resolves without intervention’. Syncope is derived from Greek “syn”  – with and … More Collapse and Syncope

Push my Buttons – Mechanical CPR

PRINTABLE HANDOUT PDF DOWNLOAD Automated Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Mechanical CPR Good quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) may improve cardiac and neurologic outcomes following cardiac arrest and this can theoretically be facilitated by various Mechanical CPR Devices that we will look at in this discussion.  Early CPR has been associated with increased survival and is therefore very important … More Push my Buttons – Mechanical CPR

Disaster Medicine Review

Disaster Medicine The Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG) are organising an upcoming education event on “Disaster Medicine” presented by Dr Kavita Varshney This EMIG Event will be on the 24th of July at 4.30pm – Westmead Hospital Education Block (Level 2) Disaster Medicine Review Here we review the basics of Disaster Preparedness and Planning: (1) … More Disaster Medicine Review