Simulation in Medicine

Definitions What are the Definitions of ‘Simulations’ and ‘Simulators’? Simulation Simulation is an Educational Technique Allows the student to gain an emotive and immersive learning experience. Allows the recreation of a clinical experience without risk to patients. Simulator A device that attempts to create characteristics of the real world environment. Simulators vary from basic Part … More Simulation in Medicine

Calcium Resonium

Hyperkalaemia – Calcium Resonium   Calcium Resonium A Review on the role of this drug in Acute Hyperkalaemia      (1) ‘There is Dubious Evidence for the use of this Drug‘ – Original Evidence for Calcium Resonium was in the 1960s (see below). – The resin was invented in the 1950s for industrial purposes and … More Calcium Resonium

New Blog

Inspired by the great SMACC conference last month I felt somewhat obliged to create a blog with a FOAM theme on Emergency Medicine and Professional Development. I hope it’ll be useful for sharing resources as per the Free Open Access Medical Education (FOAM) Model as well as useful for my own Education…