We Suck – 6 Tips for Controlling Pain in the Emergency Department

Bloody Pain Management! I was thinking today we suck at pain management.  I can definitely manage this patient’s pain better.  So why don’t I?  Why do I struggle to manage my patient’s analgesia? Am I too busy? What’s the problem? Why does my medical student think giving pain relief is a bad idea? If this is an issue … More We Suck – 6 Tips for Controlling Pain in the Emergency Department

EM Conference Highlights 1

Take Homes (8/12/14) Chest Pain and Risk Assessment  (Louise Cullen – Brisbane) Key note address by Dr Louise Cullen Chest Pain is a very Common ED presentation with evolving clinical standards Appropriate History, Examination and Investigations are required ‘High Stakes’ for Missing ACS – historically high mortality in missed Myocardial Infarction In the ED the primary goals are … More EM Conference Highlights 1

10 ways to survive your time in Emergency

(1) TESTS Investigations and Tests:  Be ‘judicious’ with your choice of tests. Please don’t send alpha-1 antitrypsin, c-peptide, diazepam levels or mast cell tryptase! (or a D-dimer without thought) By all means take your histories with brevity and send off appropriate tests early.  This will save time and help you achieve the necessary time targets at … More 10 ways to survive your time in Emergency

Collapse and Syncope

SYNCOPE PDF HANDOUT – CLICK HERE Syncope in the Emergency Department (ED) Introduction Syncope is common accounting for about 1 in 50 of Emergency Department (ED) presentations.  It is recurrent in 30% of patients and is characterised by a ‘Brief loss of consciousness that resolves without intervention’. Syncope is derived from Greek “syn”  – with and … More Collapse and Syncope