Is the VBG replacing the ABG in trauma?

Is the VBG replacing the ABG in trauma?

We were not sure about this important question –  but have seen emerging controversy in the literature regarding whether the VBG is a suitable surrogate for ABG in trauma… (Reference – Rudkin et al – Click Here).  Perhaps we should be asking is the VBG an adequate tool for screening for shock or deriving thresholds for VBG values directly, rather than indirectly correlating with ABG values…

Here is a recent poster we have made for an upcoming trauma conference entitled: “Observational evaluation of current use of emergency department blood gases for critically injured patients at a Level 1 trauma centre“. We hope it is of interest – please feel free to comment below:

Trauma poster.jpg

PDF – Trauma poster

Summary of Poster – it seems that this practice (surrogate use of VBG in trauma) has been partially adopted in injured patients. Do we need to re think this or not – or can we extrapolate from the use of VBGs in other contexts…