The Downside of Ketamine

The Long Term “K Hole”

The Downside of Ketamine

Great info being presented at the ICEM 2014 Toxicology Workshop by local Hong Kong speakers:

What are the long term side-effects of a wee intranasal dram*** of Ketamine?

(***apparently a popular student and young person’s past time in Hong Kong)

  1. K Cysitis – Significant Renal Injury associated with Long Term Ketamine Use. This is also known as Ketamine induced Vesicopathy. There is even an online support group: CLICK HERE
  2. K Cramps – Significant Abdominal Pain in regular users – again a support group online – CLICK HERE
  3. Psychiatric Effects – limited but may be significant

Conclusion – There’s nothing musical about the long term effects of Ketamine use – ye be warned.

We still like it for short term use though!