Abdominal Pain Case 5 ‘Severe epigastric pain’ Janice is a 55 year old female who presents to the Emergency Department (ED) with severe epigastric pain and three episodes of vomiting over the last twelve hours. On examination she is tachycardic, diaphoretic and appears to be in significant discomfort.  Which of the following listed is the … More ABDOMINAL PAIN CASE 5


ABDOMINAL PAIN CASE 3 ‘An aged male patient with acute abdominal pain’ Gao is an 81 year old male who presents to ED with severe periumbilical abdominal pain. He has a background medical history of long standing hypertension, osteoarthritis and atrial fibrillation but is usually well and living an independent life at home. He takes … More ABDOMINAL PAIN CASE 3


ABDOMINAL PAIN CASE 2 ‘That doesn’t look right’  You have been asked to review a 67 year old male patient called Jim. He has presented to the Emergency Department with abdominal pain after passing a large amount of meleana per rectum. Further, he has a history hypertension and gout. At the bedside you note that … More ABDOMINAL PAIN CASE 2