Case of the Week – “Evolving Pain”

Emergency Department Case A 60 year old female presents to your Emergency Department (ED) by ambulance with inter-scapular pain.  She described the pain as dull and throbbing. The patient has associated tingling in right hand.  Each episode of pain is intermittent, occurring every 5 minutes and lasting 30 seconds each time. The patient reports starting … More Case of the Week – “Evolving Pain”

AMC Social Media Policy in relation to blog comments

Follow- up Statement on Recent Site Activity and Moderation Unfortunately the gloves are off again. Content from this blog has caused (some) readers to be upset…  As a background, we started this blog as a not-for-profit and not for personal gain platform for medical education. And overall it’s worked out really well. We have loved the experience … More AMC Social Media Policy in relation to blog comments

Emergency Exam E.A.G. Report

Release of the College Investigation into ‘Alleged Exam Prejudice’ The Australasian College of Emergency Medicine (ACEM) published the findings of the Expert Advisory Group (EAG) report yesterday. While the process has taken some time, the terms of reference and externally commissioned reports suggest an attempt at a robust investigation.  A media release summarised the findings of Dr Helen … More Emergency Exam E.A.G. Report