New Arrhythmia Guidelines 2017

Being a resuscitation educator commonly requires discussion of the dilemmas of arrhythmia management.  This is an area we don’t delve into everyday so achieving true ‘expertise’ is a challenge. Guidelines often come to the rescue in such life-threatening and time dependent situations. The American Heart Association (AHA) has released updated recommendations for the management of … More New Arrhythmia Guidelines 2017

Case of the Week – “Evolving Pain”

Emergency Department Case A 60 year old female presents to your Emergency Department (ED) by ambulance with inter-scapular pain.  She described the pain as dull and throbbing. The patient has associated tingling in right hand.  Each episode of pain is intermittent, occurring every 5 minutes and lasting 30 seconds each time. The patient reports starting … More Case of the Week – “Evolving Pain”

AMC Social Media Policy in relation to blog comments

Follow- up Statement on Recent Site Activity and Moderation Unfortunately the gloves are off again. Content from this blog has caused (some) readers to be upset…  As a background, we started this blog as a not-for-profit and not for personal gain platform for medical education. And overall it’s worked out really well. We have loved the experience … More AMC Social Media Policy in relation to blog comments