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AMEE 2018 (Basel) Presentation of our New Study of M-CPR Training

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AMEE 2018 – Abstract Book – CLICK HERE

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M-CPR Overview

The paucity of evidence from randomised control trials and subsequent cochrane review does not appear to have stopped the increasing uptake of these devices.  Our take is M-CPR don’t seem worse than human CPR intuitively and there are some major advantages:

  1. Safety (of providers in hospital and more importantly while transporting patients in an ambulance)
  2. Prolonged Arrest – if you are going to go for a while the M-CPR guarantees effective CPR. Don’t set and forget though, be vigilant of the risk of iatrogenic injury.
  3. Team Factors – M-CPR brings a sense of calm and control to the resuscitation room and (without evidence) reduces the chaos of a cardiac arrest situation

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Checklist of LUCAS Device (Steps and Errors List from Training Study)

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