Basic Presentation Skills for Medical Students

Case Presenting You are asked to briefly present the patient case you have just see on the ward round. The consultant insists that you start with a concise summary of the patient’s care. Presenting cases is both nerve inducing and challenging – but we have to start some where. A snappy opening statement and summary not … More Basic Presentation Skills for Medical Students

Intimate Examinations

PDF Download of this Document: Intimate Examination PDF Overview Per Rectal (PR) and Genital Examinations are taught in the undergraduate medical curriculum and often thought to be an integral part of a complete medical examination. I am still haunted by bad memories such as being delegated a ‘stand alone’ PR examination on 19 year old … More Intimate Examinations

Blood Gases

A Review of Venous and Arterial Blood Gases in Emergency Medicine (POST UPDATED 20/3/21) My recent ANZ General Medical Update Talk Slides: You are a new staff member working in the Emergency Department (ED). During your induction you are introduced to the practical workings of the Point of Care Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) Machine in the … More Blood Gases