Domestic Violence

Breaking the Silence with Dr Fernando Pisani Dr Fernando Pisani and the Forensic Medical Unit (FMU) are bringing domestic violence forensics to light in Western Sydney.  His achievements have been highlighted this month by the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine (ACEM) Domestic violence and sexual assault are constantly making headlines in Australia. The work of… More Domestic Violence

What do interns want to learn in their emergency rotations?

Overview The Emergency Department. It can be one of the most stressful rotations for an intern as well as one of the most beneficial for their education. Emergency Departments (EDs) often have structured education programmes tailored to learning objectives for emergency medicine.  This is in addition to hospital based provocation training programmes.  The additional educational… More What do interns want to learn in their emergency rotations?

Fast Thinking in Emergency Medicine

Cognition in Emergency Medicine Why is this topic important? Medicine is delivered by ‘humans’ to ‘humans’ Inevitably this is an error prone interaction Tendency toward error is amplified by time pressures as well as high levels of emotional and physical stress We have a lack of education on how to ‘think about thinking‘ ACEM 2015 – Emergency Physicians need… More Fast Thinking in Emergency Medicine

PRINT Conference Talk

PRINT Conference 2015 We are excited to be contributing the PRINT conference in Sydney this week.. My Presentation: SLIDES: Emergency Radiology with Quiz PREVIEW OF TALK: Other Resources: CXR Library – Click Here CXR (LITFL DRABCDE) – Click Here

Emergency Medicine Eduction Day – ‘FEAST’ – 28th October

Network 5 – FEAST Day The next Emergency Medicine Network 5 event will be on the 28th of October at Westmead Hospital.  We look forward to seeing you there. The theme for the days education will be “trauma”.  Here are the flyers and official program: FEAST Day Program FEAST Poster 28th October 2015 FEAST Day… More Emergency Medicine Eduction Day – ‘FEAST’ – 28th October

An ‘Emergency Medicine Medical Student’s Group’ in…….. TASMANIA!

Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG) – UTAS We are proud to support our friends at the University of Tasmania who are starting an “EMIG”. “Emergency Medicine Interest Groups” are popular in the States and Canada where many students are keen to get stuck in the world of Emergency Medicine early on in their careers. The… More An ‘Emergency Medicine Medical Student’s Group’ in…….. TASMANIA!